Efficient and responsible management of urban green areas


Public administrations

  • Improve and document all activities concerning the management of green areas
  • Minimize the risk of liability in case of incidents caused by trees and playground equipment
  • Guarantee that the know-how and experience of co-workers will be preserved
  • Show your achievements to the public and the administration
  • Increase the satisfaction of your co-workers by adopting simple, modern and efficient technologies
  • Sensitize and include the citizens in the management of green areas
  • Save time in reporting and integrate green area data in other applications through open standards and documented interfaces
  • Save resources by making decisions based on historical data


  • Save resources by making decisions based on historical data
  • Minimize the risk of liability in case of incidents caused by trees and playground equipment
  • Guarantee that the know-how and experience of co-workers will be preserved by being documented/captured in GreenSpaces
  • Equip your employees with a modern and intuitive technology which will make the data capture easier and increase their satisfaction
  • Improve your workflow, legitimize it to your employer and avoid queries about billing
  • Enhance your image of a modern and contemporary company


Logo Life UrbanGreen

The development of GreenSpaces from R3 TREES was co-financed by the LIFE URBANGREEN project (LIFE CCA/IT/000079). In particular, the following new tools have been developed

  • Calculation of ecosystem services of trees (particulate reduction, CO2 absorption and storage and cooling)
  • integration of weather data in the management of green areas,
  • Calculation of tree irrigation requirements
  • Use of satellite data to monitor the health status of trees
  • Monitoring and reduction of the ecological footprint through more efficient maintenance management.
  • New public portal for citizens.

For more information please visit the LIFE URBANGREEN Project website.
Logo Interreg IT CH Verdevale

As part of the Verdevale project, co-financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund, the Italian State, the Swiss Confederation and the Cantons as part of the Interreg V-A Italy-Switzerland Cooperation Programme, new GreenSpaces functions are being developed:

  • the calculation of ecosystem services and pollutant reduction by shrubs
  • evaluation of soil permeability of green areas
  • assessment of the natural value of green areas
  • increased involvement of citizens.

For more information please visit the Verdevale project website.

WHERE IS GreenSpaces USED?

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[…] to have constantly updated information available, easily accessible even to external entities [...] has had a positive impact on the management of public green

Municipality of Milan

R3GIS stands for reliable solutions, competent support and latest technology!

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[…] The application has made it easier to take decisions in the complex context of public green management […]!

Municipality of Krakow


What is the exact extent of my green areas? How are the conditions of urban parks and playgrounds? What is the health status of trees and when is the next assessment planned? Up to date information and correct documentation improves the safety and reduces management costs of green areas, allowing for a more precise planning and monitoring.

Management of green areas via web

GreenSpaces (previously known as R3 TREES) is a web platform, where all operators access a single, centralized application. The software is intuitive and allows to record all assets of green areas and their attributes, like trees, playgrounds, lawns, flower beds, hard assets, etc. The user can update all information from the office or directly in the field using a tablet pc or smartphone. All stakeholders access one web application, with different access profiles according to the user's role.

Tree inventory and VTA analysis

GreenSpaces is a great tool for carrying out a tree inventory and tree assessments, according to the country-specific legislation (Law No. 10/2013 in Italy, ÖNorm L 1125 and L 1122 in Austria, FLL-Standard in Germany, ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) protocol). Based on the characteristics of the tree and the recorded defects, it is assigned a risk class, and a control date. Every tree can have associated photos, documents, and over time various visual and instrumental assessments. This way you are always informed on the situation of each tree.

Playgrounds and inspections

GreenSpaces manages all information about playgrounds and recreational tools, including geographical location and main attributes of each tool. The software focuses on the safety aspect, the management of maintenance interventions and periodic inspections with the ability to program a work schedule and share it with local operators.

Maintenance activities

GreenSpaces lets you plan maintenance activities for each element in the green areas and assign them to different operators. For each activity you can check the schedule and the state of implementation, creating a progress report. GreenSpaces Mobile allows to access the planned activities in the field on a smartphone with the possibility to close them at the site and document the closed job with a picture.

Non compliance reports

The app GreenSpaces Mobile allows to record non-conformities in the field. A customizable workflow allows you then to create automatically a maintenance job based on the report and monitor the implementation. In the same manner you can document situations where you will need to intervene, making sure that the problem is recorded and will be proposed automatically for scheduling once you are back in office.

Citizen information

GreenSpaces can also convey certain information to citizens, such as the inventory of trees or play areas, through a simple and intuitive interactive web portal. You can also activate a smartphone app (iPhone, Android and Windows) that allows citizens to report troubling situations in the green areas. The messages are then managed in GreenSpaces to ensure they are followed up, and the citizen is informed automatically on the actions taken.

GreenSpaces Cloud is the solution with a standardized map at a great price. The user manages his trees and visual and instrumental assessment without the need to purchase and install a software. The annual use fee varies depending on the number of trees managed and the number of different users. The map is based on data from OpenStreetMap and other freely available data.

GreenSpaces Trees allows you to manage all information related to the trees in a custom server installation: position, characteristics, visual and instrumental analysis, planned activities, documentation. By recording all changes GreenSpaces allows to document activities and improves on the legal safety in case of accidents. The map is configured based on the customer's data (Topographic Database, Orthophotos, etc.).

GreenSpaces Full is the full version for integrated management of green areas, urban furniture and playgrounds. It can manage data on all types of objects present in green areas like trees, shrubs, flower beds, lawns, fences, pavements, playgounds, sports equipment, etc. It manages maintenance activities as well as regular inspections and allows to involve all stakeholders (property owners, the manager, service companies, professionals, etc.). The map is configured based on customer's data.

GreenSpaces Mobile is an Android app that allows you to manage some operations directly in the field: reporting of non-compliances or problems; management of work orders, inspection of playgrounds, inventory of trees. GreenSpaces Mobile allows you to work without an internet connection as it stores all data on your smartphone and synchronizes it at the end of the day

icona che indica le faq, è un punto di domanda

Can I load an inventory of existing trees?

Yes. There are procedures to import from both Excel and Shapefile. Excel files must be structured so as to contain precise fields for the transfer, some of which are mandatory (e.g. area, plant number, geographical coordinates) and others are optional (e.g., taxonomy, diameter and tree height)

What types of files can be imported into GreenSpaces?

To load the inventory of a green area, you can import a Shapefile. Shapefile is a GIS format that contains both geometric data (polygons, lines or points) and the corresponding attributes and can be created or modified with different types of GIS software. To import these files, they must conform to the technical specifications of GreenSpaces.

can I get assistance while using GreenSpaces?

It is possible to send an email to support@r3-gis.com. R3GIS employees will contact the customer to discuss the problem and find a solution. During the first year after purchasing the software, this service is part of the guarantee. In the following years, it can be purchased in the framework of a maintenance contract

Can I collect data in the field using mobile devices?

GreenSpaces can be used in the field with a tablet, accessing the software via the internet. This can be of particular interest for the inventory of plants or other elements. In this case, you need a 3G or 4G internet connection. Given the low accuracy of the tablet's GPS, the positioning accuracy is low. You can however connect via bluetooth an external GPS with higher accuracy, or use professional survey tools and then import the data into GreenSpaces in Shapefile format

Can I improve the accuracy of the location detected by the Tablet?

Yes, by connecting an external GPS via Bluetooth to the Tablet or Smartphone. For greater accuracy in positioning, it is necessary to use high-performance GPS receivers, R3GIS is also collaborating with research institutions to find ways rto improve positioning without the need to buy expensive equipment.

Can I test GreenSpaces before buying it?

A demo of GreenSpaces is available online. To access the demo, send a request to info@r3-gis.com with your data. You will be contacted by R3GIS staff who will explain you the software and create a temporary access to the demo for 15 days. It is important to first understand how GreenSpaces works before testing it yourself on the demo.

Can data be exported?

Data can be exported from GreenSpaces in various formats, depending on the type of data: locality list (Excel), inventory of trees (Excel, Shape, DXF), play areas and surfaces (Excel, Shape, DXF), work orders (Excel), tree lists and their VTA data sheets (Excel, Shape), recreational tools list and related inspections (Excel, Shape). In addition all this information can be printed in PDF format

Can the files generated in a CAD software be imported into GreenSpaces?

DXF files cannot be imported directly. You must first convert them into Shape format in accordance with the specifications and then import them. There are several programs that allow you to convert them, some of which are free

Can I perform statistical analysis on urban green spaces?

GreenSpaces has a function that allows you to calculate statistics on all assets or on specific locations. You can also make comparisons between the situation at two different dates. GreenSpaces records all the changes on the database and can then calculate the difference between the situation on two distinct dates. The results of the statistics can be exported in Excel Tables.

Can different users have different profiles on GreenSpaces?

Yes. Each operator interacts according to his tasks. GreenSpaces provides for different user profiles that allow you to access different functions. These profiles can be configured according to the needs of the customer

Is there a manual?

Yes, there is a manual, which you can access within the application


ARBO TAG - The only identification system that grows with the trees

More and more municipal and private tree owners systematically collect their tree stock data. This serves to simplify the administration of tree stocks, identification of trees during tree control and upkeep measures as well as the creation of tree inventory plans. The patented Arbo tag system is the only tree numbering system that expands as the trunk grows.

immagine rappresentativa di un albero in proporzione ad una persona e zoom di un arbo tag su pianta

Arbo Tag resistant white

Arbo Tags can be supplied in BARCODE BLACK and RESISTANT WHITE, with barcode or/and with text. The tags, imprinted with laser technology are durable and perfectly readable for many years

Fixing hammer

  • Fast application with one strike
  • Outstanding durability
  • Tag grows with the trunk
  • Placement out of reach
  • No danger of injury (fixing height 2.5 - 2.8 m)

foto di un arbo tag appeso ad un albero
foto del martello necessario a poter attaccare il tag sull'albero

For more details download the prospect
Watch the demo video on youtube

R3GIS is Arbo-Tag's distributor in Italy


A system to identify playground equipment and other assets in the field univocally and therefore increase traceability of inspections and maintenance activities.

schermate dell'app greenspaces mobile su smartphone, un rilevamento nfc e un form di inserimento ispezione su un gioco tramite il rilevamento del tag nfc

Fast, simple and univocal

An NFC-Tag is fixed to each playground equipment and connected to the dataform of the equipment in the database, using GreenSpaces Mobile. From now on each activity which involves the asset can be traced with the guarantee that the information is associated to the correct asset and that the operator has been in the field. GreenSpaces Mobile has already all necessary functions. The asset is identified precisely and all information is added to the correct database object. This way the legal security in case of accidents is improved. R3GIS can provide you with the NFC-Tags compatible with GreenSpaces Mobile.

il tag nfc viene avvitato al gioco: due immagini rappresentative

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